Jan 5, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Here is my first blog post on my new blog.  I decided to seperate business from pleasure and only post/share scrap craft stuff here and my teacher work stuff HERE.  I am not much of a writer, but LOVE pictures.  So there will definately be more pics than words.  Thanks for visitng and hopefully becoming a follower.

First off.  These pictures are long over due.  I've kept them in my blog file until I had free time.  It's now two months later and I'm on Christmas break.  I have a few minutes to spare.  These pictures were taken at my school.  Some of us upper grade teachers have decided to have a "Citizenship Luncheon" honoring 2 deserving students each month with yummy treats and prizes.  I chose the month of October because I LOVE Halloween decor!  I was super excited and couldn't wait to get started on planning things out.  It took about 2 months before October 31st to get thing done.  It took so long because I have a day job.  I wish I could craft all day, but my job is very time consuming ;D  So, all I had to do was make treats and decorate a special spot for the students.  Here it is.


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